X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer


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Why Are We Smurfing This Summer? The Smurf Movie!


So clearly we have run out of all our ideas and imagination when the next best thing is supposed to be the Smurfs! If the blue people don’t make for a bad flick, I’m sure Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) will definitely be an over kill. Who idea was it to pair Harris with the virgin teacher from glee? (Jayma Mays) yikes to that sexual tension. This is probably one of the most  awkward  couples I’ve seen in the history of  film #NotSexy. Oh, let’s not forget Sofía Vergara who makes this movie seems plain out right ANNOYING with her loud and overdone latino accent. This might be fun for those that will go to see it with children and family, but for those true movie goers it might be a waste.

check out the preview below:

I think I’ll save my money on this one, what about you?

Madea’s Big Happy Family (Movie) Review

Madea’s Big Happy Family (Movie)

I had the chance to catch the film Madea’s Big Happy Family, and my expectations for anything Tyler Perry at this point isn’t always that high. This movie did not change that prejudice at all, especially with it’s bottom of the barrel low comedy, bad script, and what seemed to be a small budget. If you are a person who values laughs over content, this would be a movie for you. Honestly for this movie to be 1hr 45mins, the plot really does not set until like 1hr 20mins in. This film will have you laughing so hard by the farce, who cares about storyline and other traits that makes a great film? The goal is to entertain right? And it does just that!!!

The movie derives directly from Perry’s stage play: Madea’s Big Happy Family, and from what I heard from some spectators: “That was exactly like the play!” The plot of this film is about a mother who tries to share some devastating news with her five adult children. Her biggest obstacle is getting everyone together before time runs out. Each of the children has personal hardships and has grown very distance from one another. Medea is then charged with the task of getting all the children together, while setting a few attitudes straight along the way. By the end of the film; family secrets are acknowledged, social issues in the black community are outlined, oh and everyone is happy.

The best part of this movie for me has to be the creative work the went into the opening credits. I was actually let down a bit after that. Visually it looks really well, but from the opening credits I was frowning. The worst part has to be the over done low or slapstick comedy. Perry’s dragged those damn jokes out like a queen at a Gaga concert. I was highly annoyed with Perry perception of African Americans in this film. I hated the baby momma character, she was so far from reality and realism. This character yelled out “Byron, Byron, ron ron ron ronnnnn!!!” Maybe 50 to 60 times throughout this film in a voice only known to a blind person at a dog fight. I do think that I was the only person in the theater who was thought “Ok , this isn’t the funny!” but I’m not one who is interested in capitalizing off of baboonery. This movie also lacks the finished quality that some of Perry’s past films are known for, maybe the production was rushed? Oh and sorry but Bow wow was another set back for me! Dear Bow Wow: Those were not tender moments! Just bad acting!!! #S/N The worst thing an actor can do is over emote, or not let it be real. There is a difference between thinking you should feel a certain way and actually feeling that way. It is not actually acting, but more so reacting or as some greats say “LIVING IN THE MOMENT.” With all this being said, it was really a fun movie to watch and definitely one for the entire family! I wouldn’t run to the movies to see this one unless I just really don‘t want to use any of my brain cell or i’m  just in need of a laugh!
4 of 10 Kritic Stars

Short Review: Lottery Ticket


#So I went to see Ice Cube and Bow Wow’s new flick “Lottery Ticket.” Which seemed to be Friday 2.0 without the comedic use of marijuana(weed comedy is what made Friday a classic.)  Bow wow plays a 17 yr ago kid named Craig….(oops I mean Kevin.) Kevin is one of the less popular kids in the projects,(maybe this is because of his metro-sexual fashion sense) who happens to win the lottery. See it getting campy already? Bow Wow seemed to be one of the only highlights that this film has to offer,because sooner then later we’re introduced to Brandon T. Jackson; who also seen Bow Wow’s “Roll Bounce.” Jackson really screamed Smokey and all the other annoying Ice cube side-kicks, with the loud, high pitch vocal cooning. At times Bow wow and jackson seem to take their bromance too far, with the physicality, interest in one another, while lacking personal space.
Oh and the girl who got kicked out of “3LW” is in it; I’m not sure who was over casting but IDK if she was good as an love interest for Bow wow, seeing that she looks close to 30 and he doesn’t looks not a day over 16.  This brings me to probably the worst part of the whole production: VIXEN Tierra Marie, who is more interest to look at than anything. Tierra Marie really set the woman race back 60yrs with this role and lines like: “what we need a condom for? What I’m not good enough to be yo baby momma? Well kevin, you got yo lottery ticket I’m just tryna use mine!”
The part that really made me wanna put a GUN to my head is the two love scenes Bow wow gets… I now know how Brandy felt when she found out about Ray J’s sex tape….

All in all… I would have to give it an 2.5/5 stars
6/10 Kritic scoring
It is entertaining if you like low comedy, a simple plot, and random stars through-out.