You Got to Love Yo Negro Man

Lovin yo “Negro Man” is having the understanding that despite adversities and lack of knowledge, people can only be who they are!!! “U got to love yo Negro Man” ~Dewy Coxx~

Loving yo “Negro Man”: Ur Cuzin’ hears you’re havn’ a party(BBQ). He calls you on the phone and say he wants to come over:”I ain’t ate all day! can I chill wit yo peeps, fam?!” you say: ” I don’t mind, you can come over!” he says: “I don’t even got a way there” so to be nice, u agree to go get him. on the way back to your place, he ask: “can you stop by the store?” you stop by the store – HIM: “you got a few dollars? I need a loosey and something to drink!” u give him five dollars – when he returns to the car he’s smoking weed, the loosey in his ear, and a 40oz at hand. THAT’S LOVIN YO NEGRO MAN!!!