B.o.B – Ray Bands [Official Video]


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Brandy Almost Kills Herself In Photo shoot

Brandy we know you are still beating yourself up over that 2006 tragic texting and driving accident that left a person dead, but don’t shot yourself over it!

Singer/Actress Brandy Norwood poses for the camera in Derek Blanks Alter ego photo shoot.

If you have not seen it already, check the video:  

All mean jokes aside, I think she did wonderful!

What are your thoughts?

Katy Perry Goes Back to Basic?

Katy Perry goes back to her basic boring self after a #epicFailed attempt at trying to go back blonde, Katy quickly realized she has to be ginger for three weeks. Honestly this ginger looks like both her music and her entire career,  good but so bland. Go back to black, gosh stay ginger nobody cares! Your gimmicks will only last for a short time like your career or did this hair color happen “Last Friday Night?”

It’s ok… what do you think?

DMX: From Jail To The Studio

15 minutes after DMX  was release from jail allhiphop.com caught up with the Ruff Ryder  rapper.  Not to our surprise, he’s already talking about hitting the recording studio. This might be what dying hip-hop culture needs. I don’t know but I’m tired of singing rappers and songs driven by autotune. Hopefully DMX can give hip-hop it’s once raw and real nature back.