#InCaseYouMissedIt How-2-Hustle (Review)

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Short Review: Lottery Ticket


#So I went to see Ice Cube and Bow Wow’s new flick “Lottery Ticket.” Which seemed to be Friday 2.0 without the comedic use of marijuana(weed comedy is what made Friday a classic.)  Bow wow plays a 17 yr ago kid named Craig….(oops I mean Kevin.) Kevin is one of the less popular kids in the projects,(maybe this is because of his metro-sexual fashion sense) who happens to win the lottery. See it getting campy already? Bow Wow seemed to be one of the only highlights that this film has to offer,because sooner then later we’re introduced to Brandon T. Jackson; who also seen Bow Wow’s “Roll Bounce.” Jackson really screamed Smokey and all the other annoying Ice cube side-kicks, with the loud, high pitch vocal cooning. At times Bow wow and jackson seem to take their bromance too far, with the physicality, interest in one another, while lacking personal space.
Oh and the girl who got kicked out of “3LW” is in it; I’m not sure who was over casting but IDK if she was good as an love interest for Bow wow, seeing that she looks close to 30 and he doesn’t looks not a day over 16.  This brings me to probably the worst part of the whole production: VIXEN Tierra Marie, who is more interest to look at than anything. Tierra Marie really set the woman race back 60yrs with this role and lines like: “what we need a condom for? What I’m not good enough to be yo baby momma? Well kevin, you got yo lottery ticket I’m just tryna use mine!”
The part that really made me wanna put a GUN to my head is the two love scenes Bow wow gets… I now know how Brandy felt when she found out about Ray J’s sex tape….

All in all… I would have to give it an 2.5/5 stars
6/10 Kritic scoring
It is entertaining if you like low comedy, a simple plot, and random stars through-out.